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About us


  MIRtech is a company that specializes in the development, commercial validation and marketing of shelf life extension technologies for perishable food products  

For packaging system design and development, we use a holistic approach to extend shelf life by integrating intrinsic product characteristics, product specific O2 and CO2 transmission needs, marketing requirements and designing or developing films that matches the product and marketing criteria while ensuring biological functions such as quality maintenance and shelf life extension. We have experience in collaborating with universities like Rutgers and Michigan to help successfully solve industry issues.


Extensive experience in conducting scale-up tests and commercial viability of prototype or newly developed technologies in collaboration with producers, processors, retailers and other elements of supply chain. Our 40 years of collective experience, knowledge and existence in the industry would help assuage delays in product commercialization.


We work closely with the industry in value creation and marketing of commercially validated technologies. Our collective expertise and experience in the industry would help make the process easy and quick.




We are a R&D company with expertise on developing technologies for fresh-cut produce, whole produce, meat, poultry, fish, Ready-to-eat meals and frozen foods. We have good network of professionals to collaborate on product development, processing aides, USDA and FDA regulatory compliance requirements, scale-up and manufacturing, food safety and quality assessments, film extruders , perforators and convertors.